The pygsp.reduction module implements functionalities for the reduction of graphs’ vertex set while keeping the graph structure.

tree_multiresolution(G, Nlevel[, …])

Compute a multiresolution of trees

graph_multiresolution(G, levels[, sparsify, …])

Compute a pyramid of graphs (by Kron reduction).

kron_reduction(G, ind)

Compute the Kron reduction.

pyramid_analysis(Gs, f, \*\*kwargs)

Compute the graph pyramid transform coefficients.

pyramid_synthesis(Gs, cap, pe[, order])

Synthesize a signal from its pyramid coefficients.

interpolate(G, f_subsampled, keep_inds[, …])

Interpolate a graph signal.

graph_sparsify(M, epsilon[, maxiter])

Sparsify a graph (with Spielman-Srivastava).